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    In guangyuan city and all kinds of economic nature of the mini, small and medium enterprises within their respective jurisdictions.. more>>
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    1、Sichuan province branch of the China development bank loan guarantees(The owner.. more>>
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    The financial statements.xls Guarantee project online declaration form.doc Delegate responsibility.. more>>
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    Related to the guarantee business financing consultation、Financial advisers such as mediation.. more>>
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    A、Food-stamp enterprises should have the basic conditions:1、Set up in accordance with the law,.. more>>
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    From the financing guarantee for my company2017Years6In full on.. more>>
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     Guangxin in guangyuan city agricultural financing guarantee co., LTD. Is the city government to solve the problem of micro, small and medium enterprises financing problems in our city,In2007Years2Month12Registered a policy guarantee company,2015Years3Success in the national small and medium-sized enterprise listed stock transfer system,As the first listed in the west of China“The new three board”The financing guarantee institutions,Also it is the first non-listed public company in our city。The registered capital2.328One hundred million yuan,Cooperative Banks20Home,Is currently the city capital strength、Performance is the best financing guarantee agencies。For its shareholders:The small and medium-sized enterprise in guangyuan city financial services(Group)Co., LTD、Wangcang prosperous state-owned assets investment management co., LTD、Cangxi state-owned assets investment management co., LTD、Qingchuan evergreen state investment co., LTD、State investment has JianGe sword states..【To check the details】
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